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Tutorial Moyea Flash Video MX


Flash Video MX is a very easy-to-use yet professional program to convert your video files to small-sized Flash files that can be played on Internet Explorer with high quality. It supports almost all types of video files. With Flash Video MX, you can add special effects, movie beginning and movie end, edit video quality, frame rate, zoom scale and audio effect, and even replace the original audio with your favorite music to make flash! Converting your video files to Flash files is just a few clicks!

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Flash Video MX Veelgestelde Vragen

Welcome to Flash Video MX - A professional program to convert video files to Flash files!

Key Features

  • High Conversion Quality and support flash 8 video frame mode
    Efficient conversion programming algorithm lets you get the minimum file size and the best image quality. Support flash 8 video frame mode, give you new feel.

  • Easy to use
    Very friendly user interface allows you to convert your video files to Flash files without any learning curve.

  • Enables users to create Flash files as the beginning and the end
    Allows users to add introduction and credits to the beginning and the end of their movies.

  • Easily and accurately captures your video
    Accurately captures the first and the last frame of your Flash file.

  • Multiple audio options
    Allows you to set audio sample rate, bit rate, audio channel, and fade in (out) effect.

  • Adjust frame rate & video size
    Adjustable playback frame rate and video size allows your playback to have the best effect you want.

  • Special video effects
    Various video effects including snow, star, leaf, dragonfly, goldfish and so on.

  • Complete Preview Function
    Separately previews your video file, LOGO, caption, the beginning and the end, which lets you easily and quickly edit your Flash movie.

  • Supports animated LOGO, transparent background and caption
    Image (support animation) and text watermark Flash Video MX allows you to add an image and a text watermark on your video. You can decide where the watermark will be appeared, determine the position of the watermark and apply a fade in/out effect. The image watermark supports a transparency image such as PNG and GIF. You can use a GIF animation to make an animated watermark.

  • Powerful and easy-using batch function
    Let you convert multiple files at once, not weak any Conversion function for single file.

  • Provides different Flash playback control buttons
    Provides you with different Flash playback control buttons. Include many styles playback control buttons, suck as play, pause, stop, fast forward, fast backward, volume control and process bar.

  • Creates multiple Flash file types, including .swf, flv and .htm.

Install Flash Video MX

Step 1: Preparing Installation

Double-click Flash Video MX installer after downloading it to start installation. We recommend that you close all the other applications before installing Flash Video MX. Click "Next" to continue.

Step 2: License Agreement:

Read the End User License Agreement carefully. Click "I Agree" to continue installation if agree. Click "I do not agree" to exit installation if you do not agree.

Step 3: Installation Directory

Specify a directory on your hard disk to save your Flash video MX files. Click "Next" to continue.

Step 4: Select Additional Tasks

Choose to create a desk icon and a quick launch icon. Click "Next" to continue.

Step 5: Ready to Install

Click "Install" to continue installing Flash video MX if you do not want to make any changes to your settings. Click "Back" if you want to review your settings for possible changes.

Step 6: Installing

The installer will be installing Flash video MX on your computer. Click "Cancel" if you want to quit installing.

Step 7: Finish Installation

Select "Launch Application" if you want to open the program right after installation. Click "Finish" to finish installation.

You can now start using Flash video MX!

Uninstall Flash Video MX

Click Windows "Start" menu, select "Program Files", find Flash Video MX and click "Uninstall". Click "Yes" when you are asked if you are sure you want to Uninstall Flash Video MX.



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