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Tutorial Moyea FLV Converter


Moyea Flv to Video Converter is currently the best tool to convert FLV files to regular video and audio files. This program can perfectly convert all kinds of FLV files without any extra codecs, The supported FLV files include On2 vp6 video FLV, H263 video FLV, Nelly Moser audio FLV, MP3 audio FLV and audio-only FLV. In addition, Moyea Flv to Video Converter also provides various output types and codecs so that you can easily convert your FLV files to appropriate files that can be played on your DVD, PC, iPod, PSP, cell phones and other portable devices.

Deze tutorial is verdeeld in de onderstaande 6 secties. Volg deze punten op en veel plezier!

Install FLV to Video Converter
Uninstall FLV to Video Converter
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Start to Convert

Welcome to Flv to Video Converter - A professional program to convert flv files to video(avi, mpeg, mp4, 3gp) files!

Install Flv to Video Converter.

Step 1: Preparing Installation

Double-click Flv to Video Converter installer after downloading it to start installation. We recommend that you close all the other applications before installing Flv to Video Converter. Click "Next" to continue.

Step 2: License Agreement:

Read the End User License Agreement carefully. Click "I Agree" to continue installation if agree. Click "I do not agree" to exit installation if you do not agree.

Step 3: Installation Directory

Specify a directory on your hard disk to save your Flv to Video Converter files. Click "Next" to continue.

Step 4: Select Star Menu Folder

Choose to create the program's shortcuts in the following star menu folder. Click "Next" to continue.

Step 5: Select Additional Tasks

Choose to create a desk icon and a quick launch icon. Click "Next" to continue.

Step 6: Ready to Install

Click "Install" to continue installing Flv to Video Converter if you do not want to make any changes to your settings. Click "Back" if you want to review your settings for possible changes.

Step 7: Installing

The installer will be installing Flv to Video Converter on your computer. Click "Cancel" if you want to quit installing.

Step 8: Finish Installation

Select "Launch Application" if you want to open the program right after installation. Click "Finish" to finish installation.

You can now start using Flv to Video Converter!

Uninstall FLV to Video Converter

Click Windows "Start" menu, select "Program Files", find FLV to Video Converter and click "Uninstall". Click "Yes" when you are asked if you are sure you want to Uninstall FLV to Video Converter.



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